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Photo, smiling with brackets
Photo in the patio of the country side house

Selfie, topless, concealing her breast
Selfie, spinning, staring right

Photo in the house living room

Selfie with the national team t-shirt and a flower on the hair
Selfie with white background
Selfie with a large collar
Selfie in a traditional restaurant, sitting on the table
Selfie with spectacles, raising an eyebrow
Selfie with mouth as a beak
Selfie, wearing lipstick, against the lift mirror

Photo in front of a table in a bar, next to the TV
Photo with giant tits and mini-skirt in the middle of the disco
Photo, 3/4 face looking to the left
Photo in the street, at night in Cartagena
Photo with a plush costume
Photo with hat and flower necklace

Selfie with mom
Selfie, sunbathing in bikini

Photo laying down in front of the pool
Photo in Machu-Pichu
Photo, showing the index and middle fingers in V-form under the club lights

Selfie, groomed
Selfie with sunglasses at a TransMilenio station
Photo with mom at the Tota lake
Photo, sitting facing a table full of drinks
Photo, on top of a rock in the landscape
Photo with girlfriends sitting on the same couch

Selfie with sunglasses, in a toilet
Selfie against the gym mirror

Photo, pulling a clumsy face, eyes closed

Selfie, staring somewhere above the camera
Selfie with cap and sunglasses and bikini
Selfie in a restaurant, showing his teeth

Photo in some boat crossing the Thames, with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace at dusk
Photo, concealing the face with a linen jumper
Photo with montage; half face of a large feline

Selfie making a duck face

Photo in a coloured plastic balls pool
Photo, with wind messing up the hair
Photo by the sea shore
Photo with Cocker Spaniel and nails done the same colour as the dog’s bow
Photo with the Eiffel Tower on the background
Photo-portrait in black & white

Selfie with twinkles from the lens light

Photo of the LCD viewfinder
Photo on the stage under a yellow light
Photo, inside the car staring at the back seat from the back seat
Photo, hugging somebody at the bar tops
Photo, in a cocktail dress next to the sea

Selfie, face leaning back on the palm of the hand

Photo, hugging a dog with its eyes shinning green-flash
Photo, in front of the large garden-clock of a university from abroad

Selfie, showing the toenails with blue nail varnish

Photo next to a traffic sign with a text in English
Photo in front of the Epcot Center globe/ball
Photo in a park playing ball
Photo with mountains in the background

Selfie with the hand on the chin

Photo in the snow, in front of a billboard in English
Photo on the train tracks

Selfie laying down on a background flower pattern fabric

Photo wearing coat, headscarf and sunglasses
Photo in front of the cathedral entrance bars

Selfie in black and white, with a cat
Selfie with bling dentures made out of foil

Photomontage, cartoon character drawn in pencil
Photo in the copilot seat
Photo with bulldog

Selfie against the bathroom mirror

Photo, making a hip-hop gesture in a club
Photo wearing crown and gala dress
Photo holding degree diploma
Photo, with a background of a checkerboard floor
Photo, sitting in a park dressed in black
Photo, on stage in front of a music stand
Photo with Sponge Bob cap
Photo with advertisement campaign slogan

Selfie, driving
Selfie with made-up eyes and lips
Selfie, sticking the tongue out

Photo at Central Park

Selfie with woven hat and sunglasses

Photo, pampering a horse
Photo with a background of houses with tin roof
Photo wearing short dress
Photo next to a giant duck bozo

Selfie with a foil crown saying happy birthday

Photo, doing a cheerleader somersault
Photo with fan and arabesque pattern dress

Selfie, smiling with a dusk background

Photo at the Grand Canyon with Arizona cap

Selfie on the beach
Selfie on the building terrace

Photo, before tasting the cocktail
Photo wearing hat, leather jacket and black leggings
Photo, sea background
Photo, backlit, on the beach

Selfie wearing a chaplet

Photo with thick plastic frame glasses, sticking the tongue out

Selfie wearing mask

Photo, submerged in the sea up to the waist
Photo, showing thumb up

Selfie, against the dressing room mirror

Andrés Felipe Uribe

Juan Obando

Born 1980 in Bogotá. He lives and works in Bogotá.

Obando’s work focuses on the critical intervention of social systems through the orchestration of mediated experiences and the development of locative performances, collaborative networks, and experimental publications.

His most recent work deals with mainstream Internet aesthetics and its influence in common societal behavior, using a playful approach to manipulate the image of the Internet user into author and performer. This work highlights the performative nature of digital culture and proposes connections between usage, navigability and networking with issues of cultural inclusion and exclusion, democratic participation and identity politics.

Juan Obando shows solo since 2009. Among his most recent exhibitions are A Bird Without a Song (Keep Playing) (solo), Espacio ArtVersus, Bogotá 2014; Frame & Frequency, Plecto Galería, Medellín 2014; Colombia hoy, I Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Cartagena de Indias, Cartagena 2014; La desilusión de la certeza o la ilusión de la incertidumbre, Pabellón ArteCámara, ArtBo, Bogotá 2013; White Only (solo), MIAMI, Bogotá 2013; Goddess Clap Back / Hip Hop Feminism in Art, CUE Art Foundation, New York 2013.

In 2012 he was awarded the Rhizome Commission from Rhizome and New York’s New Museum to develop the project “MUSEUM MIXTAPE (Dirty South Edition)”.

Exhibition: Default Browser
Artist: Juan Obando
Dates: February 19th to March 14th, 2015
Venue: (bis) | oficina de proyectos
Address: Calle 23 Norte # 6AN-17, oficina 412, Cali, Colombia

Opening times:
Monday – Tuesday / by appointment only
Wednesday – Thursday – Friday / 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Saturday / by appointment only

* All photos by Lina Rodríguez Vásquez.